October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

The fall is here and the cool air makes it wonderful to take walks around the area, or hang around at the park and watch the leaves fall at the end.  It's 's also very possibly one of the best weeks to have a man's best buddy to enjoy such times with.

A brief history of shelter puppies

Over a hundred and eighty years ago, the very first animal shelter was founded in Great Britain.  It wasn't until 1866 that Henry Burgh initiated the ASPCA here in America.  The first shelters were founded in 1894 and since that time, shelters have put displaced pets that were given up on by their owners.  Thus, October has been designated as Adopt-a-Shelter Dog month to assist families and dogs develop together and promote the need to discover houses for our budding pals.

There are a lot of dogs with no homes and are living in your hometown shelter, instead of enjoying the free air of the great outdoors and a companion to share their life with.  Many of these dogs are given up on by their owners because of incompatibility, lifestyle changes, and occasionally even for reasons (more like explanations ) like 'the puppy did not live up to the proprietor 's expectations'.  On the other hand, the fact remains that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners who do not understand what it takes to construct a solid relationship with their companion.  And truth be told, not everyone is a dog person (even those that occasionally believe they are).

Locate a compatible friend

While it may seem improbable that you would locate a quality companion at a shelter, the reality is that your options are almost limitless.  Dogs of all breeds and sizes come in every day, therefore it's very improbable that any prospective dog owner would be unable to discover a compatible friend here.

You'll be able to select a puppy that matches your personality.  Do you have a lot of energy?  Perhaps you love relaxing.  Outdoor activities more like your own style?  Are you searching for a playmate for your other puppy?  Having a puppy companion to do all of this and more is more reason to see the shelter and select one.

When you stop by the shelter, ask whether you can devote some time with the dog before you settle to a final choice.  You want to be certain that you make the best choice for the both of you, and that they'll be comfortable in your house setting and lifestyle.  For some, it can be tricky to say no to this many puppy-dog eyes that simply want someone to be their buddy.  But it's always advisable to keep both you and the puppy 's best interests in mind.

Upon adoption, all dogs are vaccinated and treated, and that means you don't have to be concerned about such expenses during your first trip to the vet.  In other words, it's possibly the most economical route for adding a puppy to your family.  Aside from the cost of the shots, adoption fees amounts are normally a matter of a couple dollars.  Just make confident that your house and heart are ready for the new family member (don't forget food, water, time, and a lot of love).

Share with Friends and Family

You overlook 't necessarily have to adopt a puppy; you can always play a part by sharing information with other people you know.  Social networks assist information travel fast, so why not post a few hints and recommendations for your friends and associates to view and take note.  Every time someone reads and shares, it becomes more probable that a guardian dog will locate a new residence.

You can also locate a shelter near you and inquire how you can help promote adoptions this month.  Flyers, posters, and volunteers can help spread the word about shelter adoption and motivate pet lovers to open their house to a different companion.  Playing a part, no matter how small it may seem, can assist a shelter dog find a happy house.  Don't hesitate to assist in any way you can.

Bailee, of Midland Texas, is the proud proprietor of Dragster, a Welsh corgi, and annually adopts a shelter dog who is on the point of being euthanized.  She pays all of the shots and vet bills, and she then searches for an owner, making sure it's simply not anyone who wants to keep the dog.  She finds potential owners that can provide a good house and provides the puppy away to make somebody 's life that much better.

Whether you're planning on taking a new buddy home or simply helping a friend find a companion to share their life with, it's likely to make somebody 's life better.

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you overlook 't want to have to bear in mind.  After a long day at work and visiting the shop, the last thing you want to do is have to go "into the shop " again.  Contemplate home delivery of your pet supplies!

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