Rocky Adventure - Wet in The Woods

So now that I'm all wet, things don't really appear to be that enjoyable anymore.  Sure I'm used to the occasional bath, which I assure you isn't due for a few weeks, but this was terrible.  I couldn't feel the floor and the water felt tacky.  It was almost like I dropped in a large tub of bubble gum, only this wasn't the candy flavor that the old man's grandkids like to stick under the table.

I doggy paddled around striving hard to discover some good ground.  I called for assistance, but when any were coming, I couldn't see them really well.  The water was getting in my eyes and my nose was all wet.

That's what I told everyone after the old man had scooped me from the moon-pool.  And if the moon is in that water, I'll be sure to stay away from anything else it touches.  I'm itchy, tacky, and pooped.  All that swimming definitely gave me the workout of the week.

It 's time to shake off it.  I grinned when everyone around me scampered away and attempted to protect themselves from the dreaded doggy-drying technique.
I looked at Izzy, that did little more than hop around playfully while I shook off the wetness.  Occasionally that young puppy just about drives me crazy.

"You pushed me . "

No way.  No I didn't." Izzy chanted and bounded over to Debbie, possibly seeking her protection against the fury I was really capable of unleashing.  Oh yes, I can be Super-Rocky when I want to.   After all, I did get him great last week.  (I talked him into becoming one of Debbie's pies off the table so we can eat it.  Of course, I'm the master of the eat-n-run ability, therefore Izzy took all of the blame.)  This was only payback, and the game won't ever end.  We'll play  maybe even this very evening.

That's when a crash of thunder struck and the nighttime skies lit up.  I anticipated a mad-veterinarian to reach up into the skies and howl at the moon like they do on the image boxes.  But the one thing that happened was more wetness.  The rain started as fast as the very flash that brought it, and we were all very wet.  And stinky.

Back indoors, we huddled together close to the fire hoping to wash out.  My coat is thin and dries easily, while Izzy on the other hand takes forever to get back to normal.  He's been rubbing on the carpet ever since we got back indoors, but it isn't the same as carpet or towels I guess.  I've seen him after a bath, which is primarily spent leaping from the bathtub and Debbie picking him up and placing him back into.  That goes for a while, but when it comes to burning off, all he does is scrub himself on the ground.  I think it's funny because it seems to completely contradict the purpose of taking a bath.

Therefore, while I sit here by the fire, now quite dry and becoming somewhat toasty, Izzy is rubbing on the carpet with very little success.  I may not even have to get him back, because he appears to be doing it all by himself.  The old man is chuckling at Izzy's idiotic performance.

"Hey, Izzy," I interrupt his mad antics.  "You want to know the story about that carpet? " That definitely got his attention.  Izzy loves a good story, but hates it when you understand one but won't fill him in on the details.

What?  What can it be?  Oh, I believe I'll enjoy it, do tell! "

Izzy was under my spell.   He and Debbie were clearly enjoying their very own stories while the drying lasted.  Sure I had my very own to share, but maybe not yet.

"Oh, I don't think you'll enjoy it. " I sighed.  "It's boring and silly.  Nothing special really. "

Izzy was becoming a bit frustrated.  He started by asking what the story was about.  But he then began demanding the story.  Circling me and attempting to annoy me to submission.  Yaps, yips, and even yelps.  Yes, it's the taste of sweet bliss, because unlike my dear Izzy, I have what is known as patience.

I could tell that he was getting about the old man's nerves, therefore It was time to complete the job.

"Okay, you really want to understand? " I asked the whining puppy.  Everything stopped and Izzy sat at alert.  He nodded affirmation like he was in the doggy marines.  "Once upon a time there was a massive lion that went potty on a carpet and a puppy named Izzy rubbed all over it! " I was convinced I had him great with that one.

Izzy heaved a sigh of dismissal as he rolled his eyes.  "That's ridiculous.  Lions are native to the grand prairies on the continent of Africa, which is really far away from here.  We're in the forest.  Silly story really.

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