Easy Steps to Make a Chicken Coop

Chicken pen plans involve prices and blue prints.  For you to properly set up your pen plans, you need to figure these two primary areas out first, before setting about constructing a chicken pen.

First, prices: what your prices will be at bare minimum will be dependent on how many chickens you plan to roost, and what sort of location you'll be working with.  With regard to location, for instance, are you going to be dealing with a relatively limited space?  If you'll be, this could make for added costs to your pen plan.  You'll probably need a more compact construction, which can be more involved than only a regular old pen.

For sustainability and cutting edge green minded approaches, it's suggested that you proceed with an open or free range type of installation for your pen.  Such a set up could be more difficult to create and establish at the perimeter, but at the long term, you and your hens will be better off: healthier, less sick, meatier, more productive, happier all around.

For energy efficiency, it's implied that you proceed with a composting set up to deal with the hens poop.  It is advisable to acknowledge and incorporate into your plan.

Chicken pens come in all shapes and sizes, and there are stores online that compare the features, costs, and benefits to each.  Google Shopper is a fantastic comparison tool for such a product.   That is, you need to profile your location before you set out to purchase and implement a pen.

First and foremost, you have to legally define your location-that is, find out from the city, how they define your own location, in terms of what zone you're in (residential, commercial, industrial), what ordinances apply to you, what tax incentives are open to you...

Doing so now will avoid many measures in backtracking down the line when you implement your pen.   This entails terrain.  Are you on a slope for example?  Does this preclude or exclude the option of the cited free range possibility?  Are you by a wooded area or water feature?   Are you by a cave?  A river?  These items have to be considered, because especially about water fronts, chicken farming will probably be highly regulated if not completely prohibited.

Another dimension of your profiling calls for your pencil 's location to be assessed against variations in climate and weather.  Does it snow in winter?  What are the coldest and hottest temperatures listed to your location?  Although the answers and findings to the due diligence won't directly exclude particular breeds of chicken from your location, it is going to make it quite hard, if not near impossible to successfully farming particular breeds at this location.

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