Basic Ideas for a Backyard Chicken Coop

A backyard chicken coop is a construction where female chickens are kept.  Inside the coop, there are nest areas in which the cows lay eggs.  A backyard coop is normally enclosed within a fenced area.  This creates a larger and natural living environment for those chickens.

Some coops may be built along with an outdoor run.  Loose materials such as wood chips or straw are placed either in the inside and out floors of the coop to deal with the falling and to make cleaning easy.  The coops are also fitted with means of ventilation to air out any smells.

The area within which a chicken coop is included provides them the freedom to roam freely.  They are also able to hunt and peck for insects.  These backyard coops are mobile and floorless; they hold small flocks of chickens.  Chicken coops are mainly found in rural areas where folks desire to keep cows where they harvest eggs and meat.

 As a consequence, ready-made coops are being sold.   Constructing a backyard chicken coop is one of the greatest investments you can make at your house.  As long as your residential area allows cows, there's absolutely no reason why you should not rear a few.

Designate a space where you will construct your chicken coop.  An area of about 2-3 square feet each chicken is sufficient.  As soon as you have designated the area, construct a very simple structure.  An online search can supply you with several designs from which you can pick.

You can also raise a very simple structure on cinder blocks.  Add a roost one foot off the ground.  Place a layer of pine shavings or straw on the ground.  To access the eggs, improvise an access point on the roof or build a small window.  After constructing the coop, construct a streak or a pen for those cows in which they can roam freely and feed on worms, bugs, insects and minerals.  The pen will also help keep out any unwanted predators.

If you are likely to keep chickens that are heavy and large, they are not likely to fly.  The pen can therefore be constructed using wooden posts and chicken wire.  If you will combine large chickens with small ones, the pen ought to be closed in netted or wired roof.

When the pen is ready, put a puppy and a new water source for the chickens.  Line it with pine shavings or straw for bedding.  Stock food on the feeder and deliver all the household food waste to the cows instead of throwing it in the garbage pit.

Verify the cows frequently to ensure they have food and water at all times.  The coop will supply you and your family using cheap meat and eggs for a long time.

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